Marian Devotion

Marian Devotion

Marian devotion is a pious practice directed to the person of Mary, mother of Jesus, by the Roman Catholic faithful. Such devotional prayers or acts may be accompanied by specific requests for Mary's Intercession

with God. The structure in Marian devotions practiced by different groups in Roman Catholic church are wide-ranging – they include multi-day prayers such as novenas, the celebration of canonical coronations granted by the Pope, the veneration of icons in Eastern Christianity, and pious acts which do not involve prayers, such as the wearing of scapulars or maintaining a Mary garden.

Here in Our Lady of Sorrows, We not only pray the rosary; we celebrate our closeness to God through the help of our Blessed Mother. With our Mother’s weapon crushing the devil, we fight courageously our battle of faith, knowing that she is ever by our side. At the end of our daily mass, we have the opportunity of praying the rosary together.

Twice yearly, we have Our Marian Day, first Saturday in the months of May and October. We set these two days aside to highlight our unique relationship with our Mother.

Every last Friday of the month, we have our rosary vigil. This vigil affords us the opportunity of spending time to pray, our Mother’s choicest prayer till dawn. The Father’s voice through the archangel echoes repeatedly in our parish. Take advantage of any of these opportunities and be a part of us.