Parish Youth

Parish Youth

Catholic Youth of Peckham (C.Y.P. Youth Group)


A thought for the Youth.
" It's Your Church!
Your Parish!
Your Community!
Your Faith!
You are its future.
So why not get involved
and add to the greater good! "

The Our Lady of Sorrows Youth Group, also known as the Catholic Youth of Peckham Group (C.Y.P. Youth Group) was formed to encourage the youth of our community to become involved in the diverse and fruitful life of our parish community.

The youth are the future of The Catholic Church and the future of Our Parish, with this in mind, we should endeavor at all times to encourage them through our guidance, support, prayer and example with an outlook which will enable them to achieve their full potential in their ongoing formation within the Catholic Faith Community of Our Lady of Sorrows and beyond.

The C.Y.P. Group is open to all those from the age of 12 years old up to 30 years old. They meet on a regular basis, usually weekly on a Monday or Wednesday Evening. They will also come together at other times when planning for a special event or at certain times of the year (e.g. Lent).

At Our Lady of Sorrows, we celebrate a regular Youth Mass on the last Sunday of the Month at the 10 a.m. Mass. The C.Y.P. Group will take a prominent and active role within the Mass, as Lectors, Collectors, Welcomers, Projector Administrators, etc. They will plan and arrange for this at their weekly meetings.

At times, they will arrange a special event, such as a gathering of the youth, in which the youth of the parish will be invited to attend a certain Mass, usually the 10.00 a.m. Mass on a Sunday. Afterwards, there will a get together in the Marquee for light refreshments which will hopefully foster a sense of community in which to encourage new members to join the C.Y.P. Group.

Certain times of the year, the C.Y.P. Group will be encouraged to take a prominent role in a parish celebration or event. An example of this is the 'Street Reenactment of the Passion of Christ'. They will help with the arrangements for the event or celebration and take on duties and responsibilities, e.g. the lead acting roles within the Passion Reenactment.

The youth of our parish are strongly invited to join the Catholic Youth of Peckham Group, and we hope that the parents of the young members of our parish community will talk, discuss and encourage their children and young adults to join. This sense of the youth coming together will help them to learn more about their faith and offer them a greater sense of community spirit within our parish.

If you are interested in joining the C.Y.P. Group, why not speak to our Parish Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Vincent George, CM or the Youth Coordinator, Steven Soluade. Alternatively, you can speak to the Fr. Clement, Deacon Alfred, or contact the parish office.
You are also warmly invited to come along to one of the C.Y.P. Group meetings which will be advertised on this page or in the weekly newsletter.



Catholic Youth of Peckham (CYP) - Youth Awards

Most Improved Youth

Chizara Okoro                    11th December 2016

Blessing Ozo                        11th December 2016

Melvin N’Guessan              10th December 2017

Silvia Ibeh                           10th December 2017

Kevin Prince                        16th December 2018

Fatima Koroma                   16th December 2018

Arnold Bunting-Graden      29th December 2019


Youth of the Year

Malachi Asare-Appiah          11th December 2016

Blessing Makinde                  17th December 2017

Melvin N’Guessan                16th December 2018

Blessing Ozo                          29th December 2019


Outstanding Attendance

Sharon Agyei                        11th December 2016

Lilian Ibeh                           11th December 2016

Silvia Ibeh                           11th December 2016

Blessing Ozo                        17th December 2017

Steven Kamara                    16th December 2018

Ore Odusanya                      29th December 2019